Transforms Lives

Employee Rya C., Cengage Work, smiles while working on her laptop to build a bridge between employers and learners so that employers can have predictable pipelines of skilled candidates. Employee Takeyce W., Cengage Academic, works to create innovative, accurate, impactful and inclusive digital media assets that enhance our products and engage learners. Employee Matt N., English Language Teaching, explores innovative approaches to education technology while writing on a whiteboard. Employee, Cengage Group, helps build strong teams that support learners and educators. Employee Michael C., National Geographic Learning, smiles in a modern office where he helps students around the world discover the power and joy of learning.

Cengage Group expands
what's possible.

Become Job Ready, Not Just Degree Ready

We are a global education technology company serving millions of learners. We provide affordable, quality digital products and services that equip students with the skills and competencies needed to be job ready. 

We support you and your goals – whether reskilling, upskilling, pursuing a degree, certificate, license or learning English as a second language.

Help Us Reinvent Education

Empowered employees. Supported educators and students. Through trust, transparency and accountability, we are on a mission to reinvent education. 

Join us.

The Power and Joy of Learning

For more than 100 years, we have enabled the power and joy of learning with trusted, engaging content, and now, integrated digital platforms.

Through our technology and reach, we are making education attainable for learners around the globe – no matter their age, experience, abilities or environment.