Transforms Lives

Employee Liz R., Higher Education, types on her laptop in a modern office while working on Cengage's affordability initiatives. Employee Lela W., Global Technology, smiles while working on her laptop to deliver integrated digital platforms to millions of learners. Employee Matt N., English Language Teaching, explores innovative approaches to education technology while writing on a whiteboard. Employee Lauren K., Global Businesses, smiles in a modern office where she helps students around the world discover the power and joy of learning. Employee Edwin R., Higher Education, sits outside Cengage's office, one of the largest education technology companies in the world.

Cengage Group expands
what's possible.

The time is now.

We are an education technology company serving the higher education, workforce skills, secondary education, research and English language teaching markets.

The need for education has never been greater. Through our technology and reach, we are making education attainable for millions of learners around the globe.

The power and joy of learning.

For more than 100 years, we have enabled the power and joy of learning with trusted, engaging content, and now, integrated digital platforms.

Through our partnerships with educators, administrators and students, we deliver the skills required for the 21st-century workforce.

Get to know us.

Our purpose—to improve lives through education—guides how we serve students, educators, librarians and employees in approximately 165 countries and territories worldwide.

We place the highest value on trust, transparency and accountability to and for each other. We invite you to get to know us.

Find out where you fit in.

At Cengage Group, we believe that through education students can enrich their lives and achieve their dreams—no matter their age, experience, abilities or environment. Join us.