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Adam K.

Director, Talent Management

“Cengage allows me to bring my authentic self to work.”

“The opportunity to work for a company where so many employees see their work in education as a calling is inspiring and invigorating. I am a huge believer that education allows people to think differently and more expansively, while also helping them to find their passions, become experts and develop a growth mindset. Throughout my time at Cengage, I’ve seen tremendous amounts of growth and change—both for myself and for Cengage. Our continuous focus on innovation has a huge impact in pushing the global education industry forward.

“As part of the Talent team, our goal is to build a culture with programs and initiatives that ensure a great employee experience for every individual at Cengage. Through these efforts, employees feel that they are valued, included and continuously growing, which in turn, drives them to give 100 percent to learners everywhere. Cengage has a differentiated culture that focuses on connection, collaboration. I am so thankful that our company encourages employees to be candid and creates an environment where employees never have to be afraid to bring their authentic self to work every day.”

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