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Adelaide H.

Executive Director, Service Experience and Content Engineering

“I’m obsessed with being customer obsessed.“

“More than any other field, education has the potential to change the trajectory of a person’s life—what could be more meaningful work than that? I have chosen to stay with Cengage for nearly my entire career because the impact we can have on students’ lives is something I’m proud of. Cengage is acutely aware of societal inequities around education affordability, and we have taken an active role in trying to do something about it. As part of our service experience team, I’m focused on helping others in the organization learn about, and raise awareness to, our customers’ experience with Cengage’s digital products and platforms.

“Cengage’s culture of transparency and empowerment to meet the needs of customers inspires innovation and emboldens employees to challenge the status quo. Employees throughout the company are heard by management and don't need permission to be innovative. Our management reinforces our Credo and Ethos through actions and a mindset of continuous improvement and learning.”

Employee Experience video from Adelaide H.