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Alexis F.

Manager, Software Engineering

“Technology and connectivity should be a tool to enable people, communities and organizations in their goals.”

"Within our Cengage Work business, my software engineering team is responsible for Infosec IQ’s technical systems. We are responsible for software development, including new features and services.

People, and the decisions they make every day, are the solutions to cybersecurity problems. Infosec IQ helps our customers and learners to transform culture around cybersecurity awareness. Through accessible and engaging training, we keep the focus on people so they can make informed decisions to keep information safe.

I have especially enjoyed the ability for every employee, at every level, to be candid and contribute to any conversation. We have so many passionate people who are thoughtfully considering the learner and our impact on our communities and the world. It’s really inspiring. Cengage Group is willing to take calculated risks, iterate on solutions and apply values in line with continuous learning to all facets of our organization."


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