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Brandy B.

Senior Specialist, Digital Success

“Cengage delivers peace of mind as learning becomes more digital“

“Having been at Cengage for more than ten years, it’s exciting to be part of a team that has pioneered many elements of the modern digital learning experience. I started at the company when my department was in its infancy, and no other education company offered digital success services. The support that Cengage provides to instructors and learners really speaks volumes about the company’s priorities. We provide peace of mind to our customers knowing that, not only do they have everything they need to create a successful course, but a dedicated support person to answer any questions and resolve problems.

“I chose to work at Cengage because of how employees are treated. I love how I am trusted to do my job without being micromanaged. I am also grateful for all the support I have—from the trainings, Slack channels and First Fridays, to the established, trusted relationships I have with management, product teams and marketing.”

Employee Experience video from Brandy B.