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Jessica G.

Supervisor, Implementation & Training

“Cengage Group is an influential place to work that prioritizes the employee experience.”

"The work I do is directly connected to the successes our customers have in the classroom. I have the honor of guiding educators all over the country on how to use our revolutionary new digital learning platform from Milady, the provider of forward-thinking beauty education for nearly a century. I get to be a part of empowering educators to use our technology in their classrooms.

I’m also a founding co-lead of the Parents & Caregivers Employee Resource Group. We gather people together to share their stories and to create an outlet to discuss what it looks like to grow and excel professionally while caring for children or elderly family members. With the combination of Cengage Group’s culture, the support of leadership and the influence of our ethos, I find it easy to be exactly who I am – a parent and a caregiver, as well as a dedicated employee. I love working somewhere that prioritizes the employee experience. 

Cengage Group has a culture of authenticity through transparency. Transparent conversations from leadership about our strategy lead me to meet the challenge in my role, knowing the efforts I put forth are impacting learners and the business." 

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