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Romero H.

Senior Vice President, Cengage Select Strategy

“Celebrating our diversity is an important part of building valued learning experiences for students around the world.”

“In so many ways, the person I am today—the choices I’ve made, the things I care about—is a direct result of my decidedly global education experience. I’ve always relished the opportunity to similarly shape the next generation. Our global systems of education today too often fall short of fully and equitably equipping all students to meaningfully contribute to society while also earning enough to live comfortably. However, I’m optimistic that this will change. At Cengage, we believe we have an important role to play in defining new expectations of one’s education experience by continuing to lower barriers to accessing our learning resources wherever these may exist.

“In my work on the global team, I’m focused on building an understanding of the unique needs of students and instructors in diverse classrooms. In executing this work, the ability to question why we do things a certain way, and to ask how we might change, is absolutely critical in building holistic learning experiences that meet the needs of learners. That is why trust is so central to our culture at Cengage. Trust allows us to take risks, knowing that both successes and failures will be shared. It allows us to bring our complete selves into the workplace as our diversity is not only celebrated, but requested, as we seek to build better educational experiences for students across the US and around the world.”

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