Our Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

Cengage Group enriches the relationship between educators and students by advancing the way students learn. As one of the largest education companies in the world, and a global employer, we are taking action to advance inclusion, diversity and belonging efforts in our workplaces, communities and the education experiences we provide to learners and educators. We do this because it’s the right thing to do: for our customers, our employees and our business.

"At Cengage Group, we believe in always pushing for a more inclusive, equitable and diverse workforce. We understand that focusing on representation and accessibility are foundational aspects of good business and the employee experience. Every employee at Cengage Group has the right to feel valued, safe, heard and respected; we are committed to fostering a transparent culture of belonging."

Necko F., Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


At Cengage Group, transparency and collaboration are core values. Creating an inclusive environment for our 4,500 employees across 44 countries is necessary to provide diverse perspectives in our products and foster inclusive learning experiences. We also recognize the importance of trust and respect amongst employees and ensuring that individuals at all levels of the organization feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work, including voicing their ideas and opinions.


We strive to achieve inclusivity at Cengage Group through programs and initiatives that create opportunity for learning, listening and involvement. These include unconscious bias training, an annual engagement survey, weekly townhalls with the CEO, peer recognition programs and employee resource groups (ERGs). Our ERGs are employee created and employee-led internal communities, providing personal connections and affiliation to promote diversity, openness, understanding, acceptance and inclusiveness.

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