June 21, 2021

Focus on Culture and Mission Drive Cengage “Top Workplace” Designation

Four separate images of Cengage employees in KY and OH are pictured in honor of their award recognition for Top Work Places 2021. This includes employees in a conference room, in the warehouse, and in front of the office.

Ask any Cengage employee what drives them in their work – from those on the distribution center front lines to our product managers building digital education tools – and you’ll get a similar answer, “it’s the ability to change lives and help customers reach their full potential,” said Brandon Groh, an Executive Learning Consultant and 15-year Cengage veteran.

The opportunity to make an impact in a learner’s life and the belief in the power and joy of learning, are shared by many at Cengage, including Nicole Chavez, a Customer Support Associate who joined the company during the pandemic and one of the biggest years of change in education. 

“One of my absolute favorite things is spreading my love of learning through assisting instructors and students across the nation and across the world,” she says about her role helping students and instructors navigate digital platforms.

It’s this focus on purpose, driven by a strong culture built on transparency and doing more together, that Cengage was recently named a Top Workplace for 2021 by Enquirer Media (publisher of the Cincinnati Enquirer) and employee engagement technology partner Energage. Cengage earned a top spot on the list based on anonymous employee feedback gathered through a survey of Cengage’s Mason, OH and Independence, KY employees. The scientific survey measures 15 unique culture drivers including leadership, alignment, execution, and connection – all of which resonate in different ways for different Cengage employees.

For Nicole, leadership at Cengage is different than anywhere else she has worked.

“I had never experienced a CEO who is so transparent with and so receptive to his employees. I love that he [Cengage CEO Michael Hansen] invites us to join conversations with him about topics that affect us as employees but also topics that affect the world,” she said, referencing the company’s weekly Zoom townhalls and CEO Ask-Me-Anything sessions.

For Angela Wright, a Senior Customer Support Associate in Kentucky, how the company pivoted and executed to support students and instructors at the start of the pandemic with free access to digital materials really resonated for her. “I have never been more proud to say that I worked for a company than at that moment,” said Wright.

Meanwhile, connection has been key for the long tenure of Jason Tucker, Director of Fulfillment Services. He will soon celebrate 18 years with the company.

“Even on those days when we are putting out fires or responding to a last-minute request, having a great team can make all the difference,” said Tucker. “We all work together to help each other succeed and that comes through for customers too.”

However, for Executive Customer Support Associate Sam Nichols, the connections he has with colleagues are great, but the personal opportunity to grow is what makes Cengage a top workplace in his book.

“I didn’t finish college and was worried about the impact that would have on future opportunity,” said Nichols, who joined Cengage in 2017 and is based in Kentucky. Over the past four years, Sam worked his way up from Customer Support Associate to Executive Customer Support Associate.

“I am proud of my accomplishments as well as the recognition I received from Cengage. I am also excited for what the future may hold,” said Nichols.

With more than 50 open positions in Mason and Independence, an exciting future is possible for others looking to change lives through education. Visit our careers page to browse current openings.