February 12, 2021

How the Culture of Radical Transparency Sets Cengage Apart

Quote from Kayleigh Hoagland,

At Cengage, our candid culture values engagement, empowerment and discovery. We’re accountable to and for each other, take ownership of everything we do and treat each other with mutual respect.

Without this, we wouldn’t be the company we are today—a dynamic digital learning leader that serves millions of learners across 165 countries and territories. Radical transparency is at our core, and regular feedback is integral to maintaining the health of our company.

What Cengage Employees Have to Say

Our sales team recently offered insights on Cengage company culture at our annual sales meeting, The Engagement Summit. It’s an event-packed week, focused on growth, strategy, learning, collaboration and, of course, lots of fun.

In between the many activities, the team took some time to reflect on the impact a culture of transparency, empowerment and support makes in the workplace. Here are a few of their stories.

“I’m a recent college graduate with an intimate knowledge of how jarring the transition from in-person to virtual learning really is. I was incredibly heartened during my first week with Cengage to see CEO Michael Hansen holding All-Company Zoom calls on Fridays. It showed how deeply Michael and the rest of the company cared about access and affordability for every student. I also realized how much he exudes transparency. This reinforced every aspect of the Cengage ethos and made me even more energized to work here! The transparency and availability of resources to all employees is astounding.”  – Kayleigh Hoagland, Account Executive, US Higher Ed, New Jersey

“I came from a company that was the polar opposite. No connection with leadership. I often felt unsupported and unsure how to move forward. While I had colleagues who were nice enough, they were bogged down in their own work. They weren’t able to help and it wasn’t encouraged by management. Coming to Cengage was a literal dream. Not just my team, but EVERYONE you come across is helpful and encouraged to support. It’s life-changing.” – Amanda Stitt, Associate Account Executive, US Higher Ed, Kentucky

 “Cengage culture follows through with our credo and ethos. We truly do put learning first and do more together. As a company, we’ve created Employee Resource Groups to support OUR people. This creates a better work experience for everyone. It empowers us to be successful.”   – Chase Smolik, Enterprise Digital Specialist, US Higher Ed, Texas

 “I receive support from my colleagues, my mentors, and my leadership—99% of which are strong, fearless, inspiring women! I just graduated with my Masters, an accomplishment I may not have strived for without the encouragement from my District Manager and team members. Together we celebrate our wins and uplift each other, personally and professionally. Our culture reflects the intentionality put forth when hiring the right people who make others’ development a priority!”  – Nancy Lowery, Account Executive, US Higher Ed, North Carolina

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