May 5, 2023

Cengage Group Awarded Mental Health America’s Bell Seal

Thanks to the efforts of our Mental Health Alliance (MHA) Employee Resource Group (ERG) and their partnership with our HR Benefits Teams, Cengage Group has been awarded Mental Health America’s Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health for the second year in a row at the Platinum level. The Bell Seal recognizes employers committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Bell Seal Cengage Group Employee Experience 


Led by Mental Health America's rich history in research and advocacy, the Bell Seal's holistic evaluation of employer practices considers the entire employee experience. Employers that receive Mental Health America's Bell Seal are nationally recognized for meeting or exceeding workplace practices and standards that promote positive worker mental health and well-being.

We are proud to be receiving recognition for curating a working environment that supports mental health and promotes positive experiences. Year over year, we’ve maintained a 100% in the ‘company culture’ and ‘wellness programs’ categories. We are thrilled to score well against the standards again this year.

What Sets Us Apart

The MHA ERG has been able to help the company achieve this recognition by creating and sharing resources and events, partnering with leadership, listening to the Cengage Group community, promoting advocacy and building a space for individuals to share their authentic experiences.

“The Bell Seal provides a concrete, metrics-driven measurement of how supportive a workplace is of mental health,” says Sarah D., Marketing Project Manager and one of the co-founders of the ERG. “As a data-driven company, it’s wonderful to see all our tangible supports reflected. At the same time, while being data-driven is so important, what’s more difficult to quantify, but just as important, is how individuals have consistently shown up to create a very special community within MHA. By consistently showing up and sharing stories, resources and support, the community has created a culture of safety and authenticity that is hard to quantify, but valuable beyond measure.”

Heather Quote about Cengage Group Employee Experience 

Supporting Employee Mental Health

“The Bell Seal certification is an indication that Cengage Group is committed to creating a mentally healthy work environment and values the overall employee experience,” says Heather T., Portfolio Product Manager and co-lead of the Mental Health Alliance ERG. “This reflects our company culture and our Credo which calls us to be ‘accountable to and for each other.’”

Courtney W., Senior Learning Designer and ERG co-leader adds, “Our credo also states that we value engagement, empowerment and discovery. To receive a 100% score on the culture component of the Bell Seal assessment shows that Cengage Group is an organization that is living its values and that being accountable to and for each other extends in a very human way to our collective well-being.”

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