October 16, 2023

Strengthening Cybersecurity: Insights from Keatron Evans, VP of Portfolio Product Strategy, Infosec

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time to focus on the importance of digital security and help everyone better understand how to protect their personal data from cyber criminals. To shed light on this topic, we interviewed Keatron Evans, VP of Portfolio Product Strategy at Infosec, to gain valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity.


Why did you decide to work in the cybersecurity field?

My journey into the cybersecurity field began unexpectedly. I started my career in Civil Engineering, and being the youngest person in the office, I naturally became the go-to person for all things computer and network-related. Little did I know that this initial exposure would ignite a deep interest in the cyber world. Some time later in my career, I stumbled upon Phrack, an online hacking magazine that further fueled my curiosity. Since that moment, my passion for cybersecurity has only continued to grow.


Why is it important to recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month holds immense significance as it highlights the crucial role that each individual plays in strengthening digital safety, whether at home or in professional environments. It serves as a timely reminder and an opportunity to empower everyone with the knowledge and tools needed to uphold security in our interconnected world. This month provides organizations with a chance to educate and equip their employees, fostering a culture of knowledge and awareness that is essential in today's digital landscape.


How can Infosec’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit help keep companies safe?

Infosec’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit is an incredible resource, developed by our award-winning content team. This comprehensive toolkit offers a wide range of resources, including training modules, assessments, posters, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, screensavers, newsletters, and a detailed communication plan. By utilizing this toolkit, companies can elevate their approach to cybersecurity and equip their employees with the necessary tools to navigate the online landscape safely. It's a valuable resource that can make a significant difference in enhancing cybersecurity practices.


What are your top 3 tips for staying cyber safe at work?

  1. Report suspicious activity: Immediately notify your IT or cybersecurity team of any unusual or suspicious activity. If your organization lacks a dedicated security team, seek guidance from available IT personnel.
  2. Prioritize internal protocols: It's crucial to prioritize your company's specific cybersecurity protocols, even if you come across differing suggestions online. Remember that your organization's systems and networks are unique, and your internal team remains the best source of tailored advice.
  3. Stay informed: Keep yourself updated with the latest developments and updates in cybersecurity awareness. By staying informed, you can adapt to emerging threats and proactively protect your digital environment.


What cyber threats keeps you up at night?

There are two main concerns that keep me up at night; firstly, I worry about the shortage of hands-on technical expertise required to combat the ever-evolving cyber threats we face. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals far exceeds the supply, making it challenging to effectively defend against these threats.

Secondly, I am concerned about the rapid adoption of advanced technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), by cybercriminals. The potential misuse of AI poses significant risks and demands our constant vigilance to stay one step ahead. These concerns drive me to continuously work towards finding solutions and staying updated in the ever-changing field of cybersecurity.


What is your favorite part about working in the cybersecurity field?

For me, the constant evolution and learning opportunities in the cybersecurity field are what I cherish the most. As a leader, I find it exhilarating to spearhead innovations and introduce groundbreaking approaches that are unique to our industry. The dynamic nature of cybersecurity keeps me engaged and motivated, as I strive to make a meaningful difference in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.


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