April 27, 2023

Celebrating Our 2023 Ethos Award Winners

At Cengage Group, we are dedicated to helping learners gain the skills and competencies needed to live choice-filled lives. Together, we are driven by our Credo and Ethos, which start with our belief in the power and joy of learning.




Our Ethos defines our character as a company and as a team. It's the foundation of our culture and guides our employees as they support millions of students and thousands of educators each year.

Transparency and collaboration are core values to our Ethos, and we believe in recognizing employees who go above and beyond. One of the ways we do this is through the monthly Ethos Award, a culture recognition that acknowledges exceptional people throughout Cengage Group.

“The goal of this award is to drive a high-performance culture tied directly to our Ethos,” explains Andrew Theado, who manages the program. “Throughout the year, eligible employees nominate a colleague or group of colleagues for the award. Each month, a cross-functional selection committee reviews the nominations and names one Ethos Award Winner, as well as two runners-up. At the end of each fiscal year, an ‘Ethos Award Winner of the Year’ is named.”

This year, the Supply Chain Team from Group Operations is the 2023 Ethos Award Winner of the Year!

Team members being recognized include:

  • Douglas Bertke, Senior Manufacturing Buyer
  • Rebecca Cross, Manufacturing Reprint Buyer
  • Mary Beth Hennebury, Manufacturing Manager
  • Terry Isabella, Manufacturing Buyer
  • Cynthia Lentz, Senior Buyer
  • Marissa Taylor, Manufacturing Buyer
  • Rita Wimberley, Senior Buyer

Joy MacFarland, Marketing Manager, who nominated this team, said, “I firmly believe that the Supply Chain team has never worked harder than they have this year. There is not one day that goes by that the Supply Chain team is not in direct communication with us letting us know where things stand, what we can expect and letting us know that they are working on prioritizing our products. They are trying so hard to make sure we and our customers have what we need to be successful. They live our Ethos every day, and make our jobs easier, even in the toughest of times! They are not out in front in the spotlight . . . but they deserve so much recognition for everything they do to make our jobs possible.”

“What I love about the recognition of this team is that they represent our Ethos on so many dimensions,” added Kermit Cook, Chief Operating Officer. “When this team was thrown a curveball by the disruption in the global supply chain, they did more together, set the bar higher and really exemplified our spirit as a company.”

Congratulations to our 2023 Ethos Award winners!


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