November 1, 2017

Gale Supports Teen Mental Health and Wellness with Debut of Cameron’s Collection

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – November 1, 2017 – With one out of every five teens suffering from mental illness[i], Gale, a Cengage company, in collaboration with the Cameron K. Gallagher (CKG) Foundation, an organization that cultivates awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety, are introducing Cameron’s Collection. This new set of eBooks provide schools and public libraries with resources and tools to help teens who are battling with depression and anxiety. Gale and the CKG Foundation will host a Facebook Live event on Cameron’s Collection, November 8, at 7pm ET. View the event invite, here.

With nearly 40 titles, this curated collection offers content on issues related to teen mental health and wellness, with topics that include: teen depression, anxiety, stress, suicide, self-injury, bullying and more. It also includes targeted resources and guidance about how friends, teachers and family members can provide support to those struggling.

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Cameron Gallagher was a bright and talented young girl battling depression and anxiety whose dream was to raise awareness and help erase the stigma about the topic. At the tender age of 16, she suddenly passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition. Her legacy and efforts live on through the CKG Foundation and its nationwide “SpeakUp” 5k races, which raise awareness and provide resources to teens who suffer from depression and anxiety.

To support Cameron’s dream, Gale created Cameron’s Collection to ensure schools and public libraries are equipped with the educational resources to help struggling teens. Additionally, Gale will donate a portion of the proceeds from each collection sold to the CKG Foundation to further support their education and awareness of teen mental health and wellness.

“Giving students resources and education on their own mental health has a powerful ripple effect. The benefits to their own performance in turn benefits the schools and communities they live in,” said Grace Gallagher, Cameron’s mother and Executive Director of the CKG Foundation. “As a teen, knowing you are not alone in this battle is crucial. Raising awareness and providing education and support about mental health, is truly changing and saving lives. Thank you to Gale for impacting lives, normalizing the conversation and reaching so many through Cameron’s Collection.”

With Cameron’s Collection, students can:

  • privately access content related to sensitive teen issues on Gale’s eBook platform, GVRL from school or their own device;
  • socially share articles with friends using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social channels; and
  • discover how to find professional help.

“Gale’s commitment to empower learning isn’t just about fostering students’ academics, it’s about supporting their mental health and wellness as well. One of the most compelling reasons schools are eager to invest in this collection is to provide students with confidential access to information they can trust on topics they may not otherwise feel comfortable asking about,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager at Gale. “By joining forces with the CKG foundation and creating Cameron’s Collection, we are not only helping cultivate the awareness and education of teen mental health, but also giving students a safe place to explore mental health resources and learn they are not alone.”

For more information on Cameron’s Collection or to request a trial, click here.

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About the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

The Cameron K. Gallagher (CKG) Foundation is a beacon of hope for those who are affected by teenage mental illness. From free mental health programs for teens, to peer support curriculum in local schools, to nationwide 5k races that raise awareness for teenage depression and anxiety, CKG Foundation helps those who are fighting the good fight to SpeakUp and get help.


[i] National Alliance on Mental Illness: Mental Health by the Numbers