May 17, 2017

MindTap Is First Learning Platform Certified for IMS Global LTI Membership Service

BOSTON, May 17, 2017Cengage, an education and technology company, announced today that MindTap is the first learning platform to be IMS Conformance Certified for the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Membership Service 1.0 specification by IMS Global. MindTap, Cengage’s flagship digital learning product, helps to increase student engagement and improve outcomes.

Membership Service 1.0 is an LTI specification for providing access to a list of users and their roles within the context of a course, program or other grouping, ensuring user information is kept up to date and can be passed in a safe and secure manner. The Service enables features that make integration of learning tools with learning platforms more seamless, helping instructors save time and offering learners more flexibility in how they complete activities in their course.

By utilizing IMS standards, Cengage tightly integrates discipline-specific learning apps and tools into MindTap so that students and instructors have access to all of the materials and assessments that fulfill the unique requirements of each course, in one place.

“As the first learning platform to be certified for the IMS LTI Membership Service 1.0 specification, Cengage is again leading the industry in terms of interoperability and the utilization of standards,” said George Moore, Chief Technology Officer at Cengage. “Cengage is committed to creating flexible platforms that can seamlessly integrate third-party learning tools to increase convenience and optimize the experience for learners and instructors.”

Cengage is already beginning to use the Membership Service with two of its partners: Cerego, a personalized learning technology company, and TurnItIn, an application that provides formative feedback and originality checking services for writing. The service further strengthens the relationship between Cengage and these two companies by providing fluid interoperability experiences between Cerego’s and TurnItIn’s products with the MindTap digital learning platform.

Cengage and TurnItIn are presenting at the IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute this week at the Sheraton Denver Downtown in Denver, Colorado. The session, Turnitin and MindTap: an LTI cookbook, takes place on Wednesday May 17, 2017 from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm in Tower Court D.

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