April 30, 2018

Looking For a Job? ed2go’s “Skill Map” Kick Starts Your Career Journey

Temecula, CA, April 30, 2018 — ed2go, a Cengage company, has launched Skill Map, a career exploration and planning tool that streamlines the education-to-employment process. Using Skill Map, job seekers can explore career options, view job demand data and average salary information and see the skills employers are looking for geographically. After building a skill profile, users will receive personalized course recommendations to close their skill gap, and can enroll directly in online courses with ed2go or its network of more than 2,100 college and university partners.

“Often when people embark on a career journey, they find a process that is disjointed, complicated, and challenging to navigate,” said Jonathan Lau, Senior Vice President, Skills Group, Cengage. “With Skill Map, we’re making it easy for job seekers to figure out what jobs might be right for them, and then get the right skills and education for that job. It’s also a great tool for those working with jobs seekers, like workforce boards, to help get people moving along the career journey faster.”

Skill Map, one of many career journey tools ed2go plans to launch this year, provides actionable data job seekers can use to make smart career pathway decisions. Additional tools from ed2go will help simplify and streamline the process for building meaningful careers—from exploring careers, to acquiring skills, to connecting with employers. Cengage is also piloting a program to connect learners directly with employers to bridge the last mile. The company is working with employers in the fields of HVAC, pharmacy and truck technician.

For more information, please see the blog post here. To start using Skill Map today, visit www.ed2go.com/careers.


About Cengage and ed2go

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