April 2, 2019

National Geographic Learning Partners with Britannica Digital Learning to Expand Access to Social Studies Content for U.S. Middle Schools

BOSTON, April 2, 2019 — National Geographic Learning, a Cengage Company, and Britannica Digital Learning are partnering to incorporate primary source and multimedia content into National Geographic Learning’s middle school U.S History program, National Geographic U.S. History American Stories. Students and teachers will gain seamless access to Britannica LaunchPacks which include thousands of grade-appropriate video, audio, articles, and primary-source social studies documents, with hundreds aligned to the American Stories learning path.

Launched in 2017, American Stories features authentic National Geographic content and National Geographic explorers. It offers a student-friendly record of the history of the United States that helps students become stewards of the past, and learn what it means to be active, responsible citizens.

Through the partnership, teachers and students will gain access to content sets curated and compiled to match K-12 social studies curriculum. Teachers will get access to highly-relevant, curated multi-media content that increases student engagement and learning in social studies. Students will benefit from content that both activates critical thinking and inquiry skills, and helps develop primary and secondary source understanding.

In addition, Britannica’s LaunchPacks provide American Stories teachers the opportunity to differentiate instruction with different article reading levels and various content sets and formats. The alignment of LaunchPacks to each chapter of the American Stories helps teachers spend less time searching for supplemental materials to support learning and unit objectives.

“Simplifying the workflow for teachers, while increasing social studies literacy and delighting students are the main objectives for our partnership,” said Vincent Grosso, Senior Vice President, National Geographic Learning. “Our partnership with Britannica Digital Learning supports our goal of creating engaged, motivated, global citizens in today’s social studies classrooms as students connect to the work of scientists, explorers and world leaders.”

Karthik Krishnan, global CEO of Britannica Group, shared: “Britannica Digital Learning is excited to partner with National Geographic Learning to deliver an engaging learning experience for students, and save teachers time by providing curated modular content in multiple digital learning formats that are tied to social studies standards. Britannica’s mission to inspire curiosity and instill the joy of learning goes hand in hand with National Geographic Learning’s goal of bringing the world to the classroom. This partnership is one of many Britannica initiatives to deliver on our brand promise — Save time. Learn more. Be sure.”

Starting Fall 2019, all existing and new customers who use the Cengage MindTap digital platform to access American Stories will get access to Britannica content at no additional cost, reinforcing the company’s mission of improving affordable access to quality learning for all students.

Visit NGL.Cengage.com/AmericanStories to learn more. Customers can also reach out to their sales consultant for more details by visiting NGL.Cengage.com/RepFinder.


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