May 28, 2020

Cengage Announces New International Division to Serve Canadian Higher Education Market

BOSTON AND TORONTO—May 28, 2020—Cengage, a global education and technology company, today announced the establishment of a new international division to provide direct service to the Canadian higher education market. The announcement follows the decision by Nelson, the company’s longtime Canadian publishing and distribution partner, to withdraw from the higher education market to solely focus on K12 education and technology in Canada and around the globe.

“Cengage products and services have occupied a leadership position in the Canadian higher education market for many years via Nelson’s publishing and distribution network,” said Alexander Broich, EVP and President, Cengage Global Businesses. “We thank Nelson for their partnership and wish them success in the next chapter of their business.

“Cengage is committed to continue publishing the successful Canadian adaptation of U.S. content for our customers. Although the Canadian higher education market is distinctly different from the United States, there are many similarities, including digital use and concerns about access to affordable, quality materials. With this new division, we have a unique opportunity to build a stronger relationship with our customers and expand our popular Cengage digital affordability models to Canada’s students and faculty.”

Cengage products reach nearly 500,000 students every year across all colleges and universities in Canada. The company’s best-selling products include Psychology: Themes and Variations (Weiten); MKTG (Lamb); Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life (Russell); Sam office suite; and Calculus (Stewart).

“Over the last three years, I have been a champion for student affordability and have seen the alignment between Nelson and Cengage on delivering this solution to Canadian students,” said Steve Brown, Nelson CEO. “I am delighted to hand over this part of our business to a company that has a similar culture and views and will be an excellent employer to our former Nelson employees.”

The Cengage Canada division will begin in early- to mid-July, with many Nelson employees to be offered opportunities with Cengage. The new division will be based in the Toronto area.


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