April 15, 2020

National Geographic Learning Introduces Free Teaching Materials on COVID-19

BOSTON—April 15, 2020— National Geographic Learning, a Cengage company, is offering free COVID-19 lesson plans and resources for teachers to help learners understand the pandemic and its impact.

“Knowledge is power, and during this unprecedented time, we need to ensure our students are armed with an understanding of the illness and what is happening around them,” said Alexander Broich, President of Cengage Global Businesses. “We created these free resources and lesson plans to ensure that teachers across the globe have materials available quickly to engage students on the virus and help add context when it comes to the science and history, as well as the social impact.”

National Geographic Learning is offering four lessons, intended for primary to middle school English language learners, that provide essential information for students about COVID-19, what they can do to protect themselves, and how they can make a difference. These lessons also provide language support to help students communicate about the virus in English.

Additionally, science, social studies and reading lessons are included as part of the COVID-19 free resources to help teachers provide context, and educate students on the impact of the pandemic. For middle and high school students, these will include a focus on the science of COVID-19 and coronaviruses, a look at how vaccines are developed, and comparisons to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Social studies lessons explore the impact of the virus on students’ neighborhoods and the medical community, the economic fallout of the pandemic, and the geographic context for mapping its spread.

For more information on these COVID-19 lessons, and to access the resources, visit: https://exploreinside.ngl.cengage.com/index.php/interdisciplinary-k12-resources/

Beyond these COVID-19 course materials, National Geographic Learning is providing all U.S. K-12 teachers with free access to its learning platforms for the rest of the school year to support them during this unprecedented period. It is also extending access where it is needed for current customers and providing training and support for teachers transitioning to online teaching around the globe. National Geographic Learning English Language Teaching has already provided webinar training to more than 20,000 teachers globally to help them make the transition to online learning.

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