October 14, 2021

Cengage Launches Cengage Infuse to Help Faculty More Seamlessly Integrate Digital Resources into Instruction

Developed using Human-Centered Design, Cengage Infuse Represents a New Product Category in Higher Education


BOSTON—October 14, 2021 — Understanding instructors’ need for digital learning tools that more easily integrate into higher education instruction, Cengage today launched Cengage Infuse, a new product category that embeds eTextbooks, assessments, and auto-graded content directly into Learning Management Systems (LMS). Cengage is the U.S. Higher Education business of global education technology company Cengage Group.

“We’ve heard from many instructors that they want to leverage the power that digital tools can offer but they really only want to work within their LMS,” said Fernando Bleichmar, Executive Vice President and General Manager for U.S. Higher Education at Cengage Group. “With Cengage Infuse they can do that. They can set up their course right from their LMS, they never have to link out to material and, importantly, students never have to leave the LMS. Instructors can set up their course in just 10 minutes. It’s a huge timesaver, something we know faculty need right now.”

Cengage Infuse is a first-of-its-kind, digital learning solution that leverages LMS functionality for course set up and management. From set up to assignments and quizzes, no one ever needs to leave the LMS, which eliminates confusion for students on where they need to go to locate materials and complete assignments.

Developed with the input of more than 600 faculty and 400 students across 500 institutions, Cengage Infuse was created using a human-centered design approach. The collaborative process began with discussions to understand instructor needs and pain points, especially those who were not using digital tools, and led to the formation of an advisory board and Development Partners program which informed the iterative design, development, and testing of Cengage Infuse.

The ease-of-use of Cengage Infuse and simple integration is an important factor according to Elizabeth Starr, an English Professor at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana who contributed to the Cengage Infuse Development Partners Program.  

“Many instructors struggle with the time needed to get a digital course experience up and running, but with Cengage Infuse it’s easy to customize content. Instructors don’t need to reinvent the wheel, saving time for more one-on-one interaction with students.” 

Cengage Infuse works with Canvas, Blackboard and Brightspace (D2L). It covers 41 products across 7 course areas:

  • US History
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Principles of Marketing
  • American Government
  • Texas Politics
  • Business Law

With a continued commitment to affordable, quality solutions, Cengage Infuse is available for standalone purchase (average price is $65/semester) and it is also included with a Cengage Unlimited subscription.

For more information about the development of Cengage Infuse, read the blog post: Taking a Human-Centered Design Approach to Higher Ed Customer Challenges.

To see a demo of Cengage Infuse or for more information visit: cengage.com/cengage-infuse/.


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