Important Information for Residents of the People’s Republic of China

1. Information about Cengage


Cengage is providing this supplemental privacy notice to give individuals in the People’s Republic of China[1] (PRC) the additional information required by the Personal Information Protection Law of the PRC and other applicable laws, regulations and national standards (collectively, the Applicable PRC Laws). These provisions, together with the statements in the Cengage Privacy Notice, explain our practices regarding PRC Personal Information.


This information is being provided by Cengage, Inc. for itself, Cengage Asia and its affiliates:

Cengage, Inc.

200 Pier 4 Boulevard, Suite 400

Boston, MA 02210 USA


Cengage Learning Asia Pte. Ltd.

30A Kallang Place #12-06

Singapore 339213


Cengage’s representative in China is:

Cengage Learning (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 707, South Tower

Building C, Raycom info Tech Park

No.2 Kexueyuan South Road

Haidian District, Beijing

P.R. China 100190


You may contact the Cengage Privacy Office via email to [email protected].


2. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

The Cengage Privacy Notice explains how and why we collect and use your Personal Information. We only collect and use your Personal Information:

- For the purposes for which we collected it, such as to provide a product or service to you or your school, and for the purposes stated in the Cengage Privacy Notice, such as for customer service or analytics.

- For other purposes as required or permitted by the Applicable PRC Laws. For example, we may collect and use your Personal Information (1) to comply with the laws and regulations; (2) as needed for national security and national defense security; (3) for purposes directly related to public safety, public health, major public interests, criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments, etc.; (4) to safeguard life, property and other major lawful rights of you or other individuals; (5) to fulfill our contract with you; (6) as needed to maintain the safe and stable operation of our products and/or services; and (7) as otherwise specified by Applicable PRC Laws.


3. Disclosures of Your Personal Information

Transfers to Third Party Processors. We may entrust third parties to process your Personal Information on our behalf and provide your Personal Information to these third parties. We will sign strict confidentiality agreements with them, requiring them to handle Personal Information in accordance with our instructions, and to implement appropriate security measures (including any mandatory requirements in Applicable PRC Laws). Please see the list of details of these third parties (which we will update from time to time).

Transfers to Your Educational Institution. If you are affiliated with an educational institution, with your school and (if you are student) with your instructors. For example, we provide our institutional clients with reports about how their instructors and students use our products, including information that compares instructors and students within a school. If you are a student, your instructors will have access to the information generated by your use of the products for a class. We may also provide Personal Information to your school, as needed, to investigate possible academic fraud or cheating. Your school uses your Personal Information in accordance with its own privacy policies.

Other Transfers. We will not otherwise transfer your Personal Information to any other third parties unless: (1) we obtain your consent; (2) the transfer is made in connection with a merger, acquisition (equity or assets), reorganization, stock sale, bankruptcy liquidation or similar transactions concerning us or our related parties, and we require the recipient to continue to be bound by the Cengage Privacy Notice and this Privacy Notice; or (3) the transfer is otherwise required or permitted by the Applicable PRC Laws.

Public Disclosure. We will only publicly disclose your Personal Information if (1) we have your consent for the disclosure, or when you direct the disclosure using functionality in our products that enables publication, or (2) if the disclosure is otherwise required or permitted by the Applicable PRC Laws. 


4. Your Privacy Rights 

As described in the Cengage Privacy Notice, Cengage is committed to respecting individual privacy rights. The Applicable PRC Laws provide you with additional specific rights. In particular:

- You can request that we delete your Personal Information by using our automated deletion request form. We will delete or anonymize your Personal Information as required by the Applicable PRC Laws. If we are required or permitted by the Applicable PRC Laws to retain your information for our ongoing business needs, we will delete or anonymize your information at the end of the established retention period. 

- If we are processing your Personal Information based on your consent, you can change the scope of your authorization or withdraw your authorization by deleting information or by modifying your privacy settings within our products. Please understand that if you withdraw your consent, we cannot continue to provide you with the products, services or features that require such consent. You can contact the Cengage Privacy Office via email to [email protected] for assistance.

To ensure security of your information, we will need to confirm your identity before we can fulfill most privacy rights request. Once your identity is confirmed, we will reply to your request within 15 workdays. Additionally, please understand that there are some limitations on your ability to exercise your rights, such as when we are processing your information to comply with our own legal obligations or if the request exceeds your rights under the Applicable PRC Laws. 


5. How Your Personal Information are Transferred around the World

Cengage, Inc. is based in the United States, and your Personal Information will be stored on servers located in the United States, Singapore and other countries.  You must consent to these transfers to use Cengage products and services.

Although these other countries have different data protection laws, we will always protect your Personal Information and ensure that it is only processed in accordance with the Cengage Privacy Notice, this supplemental Privacy Notice and Applicable PRC Laws.


6. How to Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices or this Privacy Notice. You can always reach us via email to [email protected]. You can also reach us via mail to the addresses given above.


[1] Excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan for purpose hereunder.