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Michael C.

Senior Director, Sales and Strategy, APAC

“Inspiration surrounds us all. All we have to do is open our eyes and look.”

“Working for National Geographic Learning English Language Teaching (ELT), I’ve had the honor and the privilege to live and work in Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing and now Taipei, where I oversee a talented team of professionals across eleven countries and regions. I’m always encouraged and humbled by instructors’ passion for putting learning first and setting the bar higher as they seek to impact the lives of learners. My passion for embracing the unknown, for exploring new ways of seeing and experiencing this world drives me to connect with others to listen, learn, unlearn and learn again. The world is truly a fascinating place.

Cengage Group is a fast-paced organization that’s always looking towards the future with a mission to impact learners in meaningful and relevant ways. Our materials bring the wonder and joy of learning to millions of students around the world. When learners experience our materials, they get to see people that look like them, using English to meet their goals.”

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