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Ralph Z.

Platform Product Director

“Cengage has always let our customers’ needs drive our next steps.”

“Based on my experience teaching introductory English courses during grad school—primarily in seeing the gaps that exist in the education system—I was energized to find a career that would allow me to impact the system in a larger way. My role with Cengage has allowed me to create innovative technology solutions that directly impact learners and equip teachers with the tools they need to shape powerful learning experiences.

“Cengage is committed to evolving and disrupting the industry—we embrace the unknown, and in doing so have emerged as a leader in making education more accessible. In my current role, I look for ways to utilize technology to meet the production needs of our customers at scale. I have seen firsthand the dedication of my colleagues to put our customers’ needs before all else, working tirelessly to challenge themselves, and each other, to provide quality solutions to learners around the globe.”

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