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Rya C.

Senior Vice President, General Manager, ed2go & Ready to Hire

“At Cengage Group there is deep collaboration and mutual accountability in achieving outcomes.”

"I come from a family of educators and strongly believe that education is the gateway to economic mobility and prosperity. I am driven both by the individual stories of people we support to advance their careers as well as by the system-level impact we can have by meaningfully connecting education to employment. We’re creating alternative pathways that offer direct opportunity to students while ensuring employers can find skilled talent for critical roles.

My role, as part of our Cengage Work business, is two-fold. I work directly with employers to make sure they can recruit and train the talent they need for critical roles, and I ensure that Cengage Group’s learners are connected to meaningful employment. We have amazing courses that train students with the skills they need to succeed at work. We’re helping build a bridge between employers and learners so that employers can have predictable pipelines of skilled candidates.

At Cengage Group, there is deep collaboration and mutual accountability in achieving outcomes. This is particularly important when you’re building new things and need permission to learn, grow and not know the answers. Every person I’ve met across the company puts learners and their success at the core of what we do."


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