January 18, 2022

Celebrating Employee Experiences During National Mentoring Month

This January, we handed over the Cengage Group LinkedIn to five of our employees who participated in our Pathways program, a personalized mentorship experience that allows our employees interested in career exploration to network beyond their current role, gain insight into potential career paths and develop a vision for their future. Luke C., Senior District Manager, Amanda B., Enterprise Digital Specialist, Michelle G., Senior Account Executive I, Scott K., Engagement Manager, and Christine B., Senior Account Executive I, each shared some insight into what National Mentoring Month means to them and how their Pathways experience has impacted their personal and professional goals.

Luke, who has worked at Cengage Group for a total of 8 years, explains that “mentors have played a huge role in my life and my career. Having a trusted ally in my professional career has brought me a sense of security and confidence in my actions. My mentors give me the support and partnership I need to effectively strategize, implement plans thoroughly, and perform to the best of my ability. All in all, having mentors has made me a better professional, manager, and person. I recommend that everyone have at least one of these types of relationships in their lives, be on the lookout for someone that can influence you in your career, but most importantly in your life.”

Read more to hear from four more of our employees about their personal mentorship experiences.

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Amanda B. has worked at Cengage Group for 5 years and she shared that “National Mentoring Month is a time to celebrate the power of relationship building and connecting with people who can help you in your professional journey. It has been my experience that it is impossible for anyone accomplish anything alone, but with the help of others you can achieve great things. Thankfully, I have found the best mentorships and examples of great leaders right here at Cengage Group.”

Amanda started as a Higher Ed Inside Learning Consultant and through our Pathways mentorship program she was able to transition into a new role as an Enterprise Digital Specialist in our Career Market. She explains that “Pathways has had a powerful impact on me and my career. This program gave me the opportunity to meet with professionals outside of my immediate business unit to learn about the different markets we serve and the variety of career opportunities available to me, it was how I was able to find my current role within this company.” Amanda advises people to “network often, you never know who you will meet that will open doors for you.”

Amanda is an avid hiker, and she says “I love finding hiking trails close to home in Kentucky as well as exploring new trails across the country; my next planned adventure is to hike in Utah. Usually, I am joined by my Australian Shepherd, Bailey. She is full of energy and up for any adventure with me!”

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Michelle G. says that “National Mentoring Month allows me to reflect on the many mentors I have had over the years that helped guide me to where I am today and say thank you. It also provides opportunities to understand how I can mentor others both within Cengage Group and those outside my organization.”

Michelle adds that “participating in the Pathways mentorship program has made me feel more empowered and confident in my abilities. I gained a better understanding of how I can use my skills to grow in my career and develop a more extensive network. Connecting with people in different business units has helped me become more connected, especially during this time when my position has been more hybrid due to Covid.” Michelle says that whether you are a mentor or a mentee you should “be open to learning as much as possible from the other person.”

Michelle and her husband, Tim, love to explore different cuisines and travel. They are planning a trip to Portugal this summer! Michelle’s 2022 goal is to read 20 new books, she just completed her first one that was about pizza history in Columbus, Ohio.

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Christine B. has had experience both a mentee and a mentor. She shared that “during my time as a mentee, in the Pathways program, I sharpened my leadership skills, found my voice, and discovered what I was truly passionate about. My mentor helped me define actionable achievable steps to reach my personal and professional goals which allowed me to progress into my current role as a Senior Account Executive I. I truly admire my mentor and I am forever grateful for her guidance.”

Christine goes on to explain that “I had such a positive mentorship experience, and I was inspired to provide that same level of support to someone else just starting out in their career. I leveraged relationships with members of our Women in Tech (WiT) Employee Resource Group (ERG) and became a mentor myself. I always remind my mentees that it’s okay to be vulnerable, dive deeper, and ask questions. It’s important to be curious and explore different career paths, you may even discover a new passion in the process.”

Christine stays busy training and participating in triathlons. She notes that “being active is a great way to clear and sharpen your mind.”

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Scott K. says “the best piece of advice I received from my mentor was to dream beyond what you can see and chase after it! This shifted my perspective and made a significant impact on my career goals. National Mentoring Month serves as a great reminder to stop and thank those who believed in you and supported those dreams, no matter how big or ambitious they are.”

Scott encourages others to “build a strong network and surround yourself with people who encourage you to take a leap and get out of your comfort zone. The best returns come from when we invest our time in the growth of ourselves and others. I have made lifelong friends by connecting with and offering support to my colleagues.”

When Scott isn’t chasing his kids to their sporting events and activities, he likes to unwind by playing a round of golf with friends.

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