March 28, 2022

Ed on the Edge: The Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at the Sold Out 2022 ASU+GSV Summit

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The power-packed agenda for this year’s ASU+GSV Summit is out and Cengage Group is excited to be speaking along with prominent leaders like Margaret Atwood, Andrew Yang, and former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, about important education issues. View the full list of speakers here.

Now in its 13th year, ASU+GSV is once again bringing together leading minds in education - CEOs, investors, “Pre-K to gray” education leaders, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and more - who are focused on transforming society and business around learning and work. The ASU+GSV Summit is unique in that it doesn't just focus on technology or policy changes, but brings together key decision-makers from all across the industry to collaborate, and is a foundation for innovative ideas and new ventures.

Taking place April 4-6 in San Diego, this year's summit – "Ed on the Edge" – is perfect for the state of today’s education industry. We’re on the "edge" because we have the ideas, knowledge, and talent to transform the industry. At Cengage Group, that transformation has come in the form of learning that works. We’re focused on ensuring quality digital products and services that equip students with the skills and competencies needed to be job-ready. This year, Cengage will be leading important discussions about workforce skills and developing educational pathways to good jobs.

For those attending — in-person or virtually — here’s a breakdown of the sessions you can find Cengage speaking on this year:


The Future of HireEd Pathways from Category Leaders*

Cengage Group CEO, Michael Hansen will join moderator, Marni Baker-Stein, Provost & Chief Academic Officer, Western Governors University, to discuss the trends underlying the realignment of higher education and the workforce. He will be joined by leaders from Coursera, Skillsoft, Ascend Learning, and 2U| edX. 

Michael and the panel will aim to tackle big questions like: What sort of future are we moving towards and how can students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully land a job in the modern economy?

*This session will be live streamed for free. Register for virtual ASU+GSV here to watch.


Career Education: Disrupting the K-16 Model for Equitable Access to Future Jobs

The times have changed — but our schools have not. It’s been decades since the K-12 and postsecondary systems were established and became the structural systems that still exist today. These systems were created, in part, with the aim of providing students the education they would need to achieve career success and equal access to future jobs. Not recently have we thought about how the structure of our education should work to best serve students and long-term career goals. Over the last few years, innovation has begun to create programs that merge the secondary and post-secondary systems to create education and career pathways that are more appropriate for today’s learners. But is it enough?

Cengage’s own Marty Lange, SVP & General Manager for Secondary Education (National Geographic Learning) at Cengage Group, will join other industry leaders on this panel to discuss why further investment is necessary in this area. Joel Vargas, Vice President of Programs, Jobs For the Future (JFF) will lead as moderator.


Smoothing out Rough Edges: Leveraging Technology to Improve Workplace Culture

Cognitive bias in recruiting, harassment, unfair promotion structures, burnout - these are just a few of the challenges within workplace cultures. With Covid and the Great Resignation putting a greater emphasis on employee satisfaction and wellness, there has been significantly more investment in technologies that improve workplace culture.

Balraj Kalsi, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Workforce Skills at Cengage Group, joins the panel and moderator Scott Kinney, Chairman & CEO, NovoEd, to discuss the power of workforce technology in transforming workplace culture.


In addition to the above speaking sessions, Cengage is also sponsoring two sessions for those attending the virtual conference:


The stage is set for an amazing summit this year — we look forward to joining those attending and sharing our insights!