April 24, 2024

ASU+GSV Recap: What’s Next In Education?

It was an invigorating and insightful time for the Cengage Group team that attended this year’s ASU+GSV Summit, which brought together thousands of edtech leaders, investors, policymakers and entrepreneurs to discuss what’s next in education.

Across the three days of programming, Cengage Group leaders joined panels that touched on a number of salient trends, including: GenAI and its impact on learning and the education industry more broadly, the factors and forces that are shaping the future of education and the education policy that is rising to the forefront ahead of elections this fall.

You can watch all four of our Cengage Group sessions and read more below:


Watch the Replay: The Future of Education at Scale

“Resist the temptation to believe there is one thing out there that will change the world tomorrow… what this conference is really about is making progress; by bringing people together that have the right intentions, that are bringing more and more technology tools, we can make progress, but it will take work and take patience.” – Michael Hansen, CEO, Cengage Group

During this session, Cengage Group CEO, Michael Hansen, joined Arizona State University President, Michael Crow, and Cintana Founder and CEO, Doug Becker, to discuss how technology and innovative teaching methods aim to make quality education widely accessible. Lisa Flecher, Chief, Realm 4 Initiatives, Arizona State University, moderated the session which explored the role of digital platforms and personalized learning in overcoming educational barriers and how we can foster lifelong learning.


Watch the Replay: Bridging the Political Divide: The 2024 Election’s Impact on Education and Workforce Advancement

“I would like to see the federal government invest in the development of competency-based education. We are moving towards skill-based hiring and training, and at the same time the traditional higher ed degree is being challenged. [What is needed now] is to create the plumbing on the backend so that employers and education [providers] can speak faster. That will allow people to get trained a lot faster and get hired based on their talent and knowledge and not just where they went to school.” – Rosemary Lahasky, Sr. Director, Government Affairs, Cengage Group

Cengage Group’s Sr. Director of Government Affairs, Rosemary Lahasky, participated in a panel focused on the hot-button education issues on the 2024 ballot. Rosemary was joined by representatives from Whiteboard Advisors, TOGETHER!, Education and Work and Jobs for the Future. Together, the bipartisan group analyzed how ongoing political trends are affecting learners and workers and how policymakers can work together to support workforce development that benefits all learners and workers – regardless of political affiliation.


Watch the Replay: David vs. Goliath In The AI Arena: Where Is The Entrepreneur Opportunity?

“When we went into this [exploration of GenAI], we started by asking, who are our customer?; what are we trying to build for them?; and how do we make sure they see this as something to welcome and not something they are terrified by?” - Jim Chilton, CTO, Cengage Group

Cengage Group CTO, Jim Chilton, joined Rajen Sheth, CEO, Kyron Learning, Matthew Linder, Senior Solutions Architect, NVIDIA and Narine Hall, CEO & Co-Founder, InSpace, exploring the intricate dance between these giants and underdogs within the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence. Claire Zau, Vice President, GSV Ventures, moderated the conversation which dug into the strategic maneuvers of larger corporations with vast resources, juxtaposed against the agility and innovation exhibited by smaller entities striving to carve their niche in the AI frontier.


Watch the Replay: Moving Beyond Plagiarism: GenAI in Higher Education

“We don’t see AI as replacement we see it as augmentation. Whatever we do is giving an additional tool to augment and to aid, not to replace.” – Thais Alencar, VP, AI Product

During this panel, Cengage Group’s Thais Alencar, VP of AI Product, joined representatives from edX, Vanderbilt University, National University and McKinsey to explore the potential of GenAI to promote an institution’s mission and enhance learning, research and administrative processes, as well as the complex challenges they present in terms of ethics, policy, academic integrity, workforce development and more.


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