March 8, 2022

Learn What It's Like to be a Part of Our Global Technology Group

The work our Global Technology Team does each day impacts the lives of millions of learners around the globe. If you’re looking for a mission-driven company and a job where you can make a difference, you’ll find a home here. The technology team is empowered by a transparent, agile culture that encourages ideation. We’re proud of pushing the boundaries – resulting in best-in-class technology like Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service designed to make quality learning affordable.

With the education technology industry growing exponentially, our Global Technology Team is always looking for innovative, motivated individuals to join our team – from engineering, to security, to technical product management, to quality assurance. Work for a company that offers real work-life balance, and where you can always bring your authentic self to work. Click here to check out our open technology jobs or hear more directly from our employees below!


What makes our technology team unique?

“How much emphasis we place on learning, growth, and development,” says Hillary T., Technical Product Manager. “We are all continually learning - whether that’s developing a new skill or language via free Udemy courses or jumping in to participate in the department-wide Skill-Up Week, self-development is at the forefront of our organization.”

As a technical product manager, Hillary focuses on building better student and instructor experiences for the US Higher Education, International Higher Education, and global English Language Teaching business units.  

She notes that she enjoys working here because she has found “such a fantastic support system. The employees who work within and in conjunction with our technology group celebrate one another’s successes and even recommend one another for new roles – all of which open up professional opportunities that might not happen otherwise.”

Hillary shared that most recently, her and her colleagues spent a few months conducting and analyzing over 150 interviews with English language instructors from around the world, as part of a research initiative to identify underserved needs in the ELT market. She said, “The work we do truly makes a difference in learners lives and that motivates me every day.”

Hillary T. social image.jpeg 

How does our culture empower employees?

Josiah T., Senior Software Engineer, says “For me, Cengage Group doesn’t feel like a workplace, but more like a family. I feel seen, heard and encouraged to provide ideas and produce change. Engineers, like me, are given time to research and develop our skills to stay ‘in-the-know’ with best practices and different kinds of technology.”

As an engineer, Josiah works with our Jenkins, Artifactory, and OCF integration. He says “it’s a sight to behold! The amount of time managing deployments is drastically reduced when using these tools.”

He enjoys working on our technology team because “the culture is extremely welcoming and, most importantly, family-friendly. Cengage looks out for its employees and goes above and beyond doing so. This was true before the pandemic but was even more exemplified during the pandemic.”

Josiah has worked at Cengage Group for nine years; he says I have had a great experience working here, “the management style and friendliness is the best, bar none.”

Josiah T. CGT.jpeg 

How do we encourage ingenuity?

“Recently my team was tasked with migrating applications to the cloud, however, there was concern as to how we could best maintain existing performance requirements with a mixed architecture that included cloud and data center-based applications” explains Christopher M., Manager of Software Quality Performance Engineering. “To remedy this predicament, my team and I got creative and designed a testing plan that included disaster recovery scenarios. Over four weeks we worked with the QA team, individuals from DevOps and engineering to execute several test cases that ensured continuity of service throughout the migration plan. Our new testing system became known as ‘Chaos Testing’ and is now a full part of most teams’ testing practices and is executed once a month as a regular team event.”

As a Software Quality Performance Engineer Manager, Chris shares that “my main responsibility is to be an advocate for the user and to remind all our tech team members that the customer experience should be the center of our focus. I help ensure that we are delivering a high-quality application to our users free of errors or defects.”

Chris has worked at Cengage Group for nine years and says “my team is deeply committed to our customers as well as one another. The supportive inclusive team dynamics enable us to work efficiently and keep up with the demands of the application and the users. I look forward to many more years here.”

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To learn more about our Global Technology Organization visit our LinkedIn Life page. To apply for an open role, visit the careers section of our website or apply for the jobs we are always hiring for: Technical Product Manager, DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Quality Engineer, Application Architect, and Software Engineering Manager.