March 30, 2023

Brave New World: 2023 ASU+GSV Summit Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Catch the Replays for Our 2023 Sessions: ASU+GSV Wrap Up

Cengage Group at ASU GSV

The New York Times calls the ASU+GSV Summit “the must-attend event for education technology investors.” And Cengage Group will be there among more than 720 of the world’s most innovative edtech companies in attendance for this year’s summit.

In addition to well-known figures like Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Jane Fonda, leaders from across education, including Cengage Group leaders, will be meeting and discussing important education issues. View the full list of speakers here.

Now in its 14th year, ASU+GSV is once again bringing together leading minds in education - CEOs, investors, education leaders, policymakers, social entrepreneurs and more - who are focused on transforming society and business around learning and work. The ASU+GSV Summit is unique in that it doesn't just focus on technology or policy changes but brings together key decision-makers from across the industry to collaborate and is a foundation for innovative ideas and new ventures.

Taking place April 17-19 in San Diego, this year's summit – "Brave New World" – asks us to imagine a new era in which all people have equal access to the future. This year, Cengage Group will be leading important discussions about workforce skills and developing educational pathways to good jobs, as well as the role of virtual reality and the metaverse in education.

For those attending, here’s a breakdown of the sessions where you can find Cengage Group speaking this year:


ASU+GSV sessions

Bringing the Metaverse to Higher Education 

Cengage Group Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Infosec, Jim Chilton, will join leaders from Morehouse College, Th3 Third Door, Dreamscape Learn and Jobs for the Future to discuss the ways in which virtual worlds and immersive technologies can be used to enhance outcomes and research in higher education. The conversation will be moderated by Rachel Forman from McKinsey & Company and touch on the potential benefits and challenges of using the metaverse in higher education and how it could shape the future of teaching and learning. 

The ‘Bringing the Metaverse to Higher Education’ session will take place on Monday, April 17 at 2:50 p.m. PT


Alternative Workforce Development Models Are Now Mainstream: Are They Also Financially Sustainable?

Over the past years, alternative workforce development models like Hire-Train-Deploy, Apprenticeship, Bootcamps and Certifications have grown rapidly and are addressing the talent gap. However, many companies in this space struggle to reach profitability and prove economies of scale. Many players are shifting from B2C to B2B in search of profitability. What is the future for these models? How should investors and managers think about the economic model?

Cengage Group’s own Rya Conrad-Bradshaw, Vice President of Corporate Markets at Cengage Work, will speak on this panel with leaders from Emeritus, IronHack, Tech Elevator and Boston Consulting Group.

The “Alternative Workforce Development Models Are Now Mainstream: Are They Also Financially Sustainable?” session will take place on Monday, April 17 at 3 p.m. PT.


Working Hand-in-Hand: Employers Engaging in Higher Ed 

There is a disconnect between the needs of employers and the skills we teach in higher education. Employers are recognizing that they can change their outlook by removing unnecessary degree requirements and playing a more active role in hiring and training. But that’s just a starting point.

Rya Conrad-Bradshaw will be joined by leaders from Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited, Duke University, National Louis University and Wiley on a panel discussing the opportunity employers have to rethink how workers are trained and hired, and how they will need to work more closely with higher education institutions to bring that to reality.

The ‘Working Hand-in-Hand: Employers Engaging in Higher Ed’ session will take place on Tuesday, April 18 at 10:10 a.m. PT


A Capability Crisis: Addressing Skill Shortages for In-Demand Careers

Despite recent layoffs, the demand for skilled technology professionals continues to outpace the supply, creating a significant challenge for organizations. By investing in learning and development, organizations can not only address the current capability crisis, but also build a strong, capable and competitive workforce for the future.

Cengage Group Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hansen, will join moderator, Chris Kibarian, Chief Executive Officer, Lightcast, and leaders from Boston Consulting Group, Chegg, CompTIA and Vocareum, Inc. to discuss how organizations can be innovative and proactive when it comes to upskilling and reskilling workers to solve these skills gaps.  

The ‘A Capability Crisis: Addressing Skill Shortages for In-Demand Careers’ session will take place on Tuesday, April 18 at 2:30 p.m. PT



The stage is set for an amazing summit this year — we look forward to joining those attending and sharing our insights!


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