June 30, 2023

Jobs That Make a Difference: Education Sales Consultant

At Cengage Group, our mission-driven culture creates jobs that make a difference in the lives of learners. Working here means having a direct impact by helping students around the world discover the power and joy of learning. From Senior Media Producers to Software Engineering Managers, our team members give learners the choice in how, where and what they learn. 

We spoke with Sidney C., Education Sales Consultant at Gale and co-lead of our Mosaic Employee Resource Group (ERG) about why he’s passionate about making a difference in education technology and advocating for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) employees.


Sidney Quote

How does your role and the work you do help students and learners?

I joined Cengage Group in 2019 and am a Public Library Education Sales Consultant at Gale covering Washington, California, Oregon, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama and Ontario. In my role, I work with different departments in libraries to get them resources to meet the needs of their communities.

Many of my conversations with libraries and librarians revolve around their priorities post-pandemic lockdown as they readjust. While individuals and families were working and learning from home, digital resources became more crucial. Because of this, libraries increased digital offerings and adjusted the ways they operate, offering things like curbside pickup and hybrid programming. Patrons have now come to expect those things moving forward. 

I help libraries make digital content accessible to their communities. The work I do impacts families with children of all ages, particularly early learners, by getting them reputable content in a contained environment. The work I do with libraries helps people who want to learn new skills either for fun or to get a job.

What’s something you’re proud of that has impacted learners?

I’m proud to see current and aspiring entrepreneurs using our business suite to manage or start a business. Libraries use our products to power the programming in their small business centers and help people make their business ideas a reality. It’s moving to see how people can use our content, provided by their local public libraries, to bring their dreams to life.

What motivated you to work at Cengage Group and in edtech?

To be honest I didn’t know exactly what I was in for when I sent in a resume for an open position. I saw ‘public libraries’ in the job title and thought, I like going to the library! I figured it’d be a cool job and I’d say it turned out to be true. I’m especially happy when I’m on the road and get to visit these libraries and the communities they serve to see the ways we help them create positive experiences and outcomes for their patrons. 

Based on your experience, what’s the strongest element of Cengage Group’s culture?

I think one of the strongest elements of our culture is our emphasis on work life balance and wellness. That isn’t the case everywhere. We have many opportunities for personal and professional development offered through the company and our employee resource groups (ERGs).

In addition to my professional role, I’m also the co-chair and site lead for our Mosaic ERG for people of color and allies. Mosaic provides support for both positive and difficult things, whether it’s celebrating your heritage or talking through challenging moments. Through Mosaic, I have an opportunity to be a catalyst for conversation with potential allies. I think the work we do with Mosaic helps employees feel a greater sense of belonging and allows them to feel like there’s someone they can reach out to for support.  

What else can you share more about your role in our Mosaic Employee Resource Group?

Being part of Mosaic has helped me speak with people in different areas of the company I might not otherwise interact with regularly. Our members are spread across the country and in different departments. There have been times where I’ve had a question about something work related and got an answer or was pointed in the right direction from a Mosaic member.

I’m also really proud of the way Mosaic members come together to make our communities better. Recently, we sponsored the Black Student Union at a local Detroit high school. We made a donation to help them create t-shirts and also hosted two sessions meant to help students explore career possibilities available to them after graduation. Mosaic has a positive impact on my experience working at Cengage Group and on the community.

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