June 21, 2022

Jobs That Make a Difference

jobs that make a difference

From those new to the job market to jobseekers looking to make their next move, candidates are increasingly looking for the best jobs to make a difference and have a positive impact on the world we live in. With a rise in the availability of remote jobs, searches are no longer defined by geographic location. Job seekers can expand their searches beyond their normal radius and look for companies and jobs that make a difference and align with their core values.

Workers Want Jobs That Help People

When looking for jobs that help people and provide meaningful and fulfilling work, traditional benefits like salary are important, but not the only driving factors. According to the World Economic Forum, U.S. workers want increased flexibility, better compensation, mental health programs and the opportunity for career advancement, but they’re also looking for jobs that align with their values. Employees want to feel they have a job that makes a difference in the world and work for a company that empowers them to do meaningful work.

Impactful Career Paths in EdTech

There are some obvious options when it comes to jobs that make a difference. You might consider a degree in nursing, social work, occupational therapy or human services. A career in law enforcement, in medicine or as a teacher will ensure your work positively impacts the lives of those in your community. But have you considered working in education technology?

The EdTech market size was valued at $85 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to over $230 billion by 2028. Beyond the growth opportunities, this high-demand industry gives you the chance to do meaningful work, too. Working in EdTech allows you to empower teachers and students by bettering their experiences with technology and learning. At Cengage Group, we support all students in their pursuit of obtaining an education to improve their lives and achieve their goals, no matter what path that may be.


jobs that help people 

Cengage Careers That Make a Difference in the World

Our employees have a direct impact on helping students around the world discover the power and joy of learning. At Cengage Group, we’re bonded by our shared purpose – driving innovation that helps millions of learners accomplish their dreams through education. Hear from Cengage Group employees about how important it is to them to work at one of the leading EdTech companies making a difference in the world.

Software Engineer: A Positive Impact on Daily Learning

Our software engineers help develop user-friendly technology that enhances digital experiences and improves learning outcomes. Responsible for designing, architecting and implementing new features, our software engineers are making a difference in the learning experience.

“At Cengage Group, I help create software-based learning management tools that allow educators and learners to determine next steps in their education paths,” says Shawn P. “Working in education technology is a way of enabling others to help improve their own lives. Knowing that one is helping a fellow human being is one of the highest forms of service and creates a feeling of contribution to the improvement of humanity.”

Student Ambassador: Helping People Grow Through Connection

At Cengage Group, our student ambassadors have a positive impact on students’ lives. Our ambassadors help Cengage Group spread awareness of our products and help support students who have questions on what is the best fit for them.  

“The work I do helps students by providing a space for their experiences and feedback on online learning platforms, says Shaloun M. “Being connected with instructors, students and innovators of these platforms builds a bridge between the users, the products and the learning experience. I'm grateful for the ability to assist students in amplifying their voices within the academic community.”

“I never thought in a million years I would be working for an edtech company,” says Chaitali B. “From hosting support hours on zoom and conducting tabling events, to writing blog posts and creating support videos, I’m able to use my voice to impact the way higher education institutions deliver course materials to their students.”

UX Designer: How User Interaction Makes a Difference

Our UX designers determine how customers discover, consider, use and interact with our educational products by driving strategy, research, innovation, implementation and optimization. They bring both the art of design and the science of human interaction to challenge the status quo and deliver an unparalleled experience for learners and educators. As a user advocate, our UX designers understand the needs and concerns of customers.

“I find the work very satisfying,” says Sarah R. “Everyone I know has been, or will be, a student at some point, so it’s cool to work in an area of tech that so many people are affected by and can relate to. Thinking about how technology in the classroom changed so much through my time in school, it’s fun to know that I’ll have an impact on that progress as my son makes his way through school.” 


companies making a difference 

Learn More About EdTech Careers That Help People

Finding a job that makes a difference is easy when you work in an industry that positively impacts learning. Edutech is growing and making education more accessible by giving learners additional choices in deciding how and where they learn. Discover educational technology jobs on our careers page to find out how you can get started making a difference in the world with Cengage Group.

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