August 1, 2023

Jobs That Make a Difference: Supervisor, Implementation and Training

At Cengage Group, our mission-driven culture creates jobs that make a difference in the lives of learners. Working here means having a direct impact by helping students around the world discover the power and joy of learning. From Senior Media Producers to Software Engineering Managers, we give learners the choice in how, where and what they learn. 

We spoke with Jessica G., Supervisor, Implementation and Training at Milady, and founding co-lead of our Parents & Caregivers Employee Resource Group (ERG) about why she’s passionate about making a difference in education technology and advocating for caregivers in the workplace.


Jobs that make a difference at milady

How does your role and the work you do help students and learners?

The work I do is directly connected to the successes our customers have in the classroom. I have the honor of educating educators all over the country on how to use our revolutionary new digital learning platform, CIMA by Milady. The pandemic, although tragic in many ways, opened the door to digital learning being a staple and frankly it gave our customers the chance to host education in ways that weren’t so common before. Many schools found it worked, and it worked well. It sparked excitement, and I get to be a part of empowering educators by showing them what they can do with digital learning in their classrooms. 

What’s something you’re proud of that has impacted learners?

I was able to be part of Milady’s amazing product team that produced the new Cosmetology 14th Edition. The industry was calling for more: more inclusivity, more diversity, more visually creative content. I had the honor of being part of a team of stakeholders who were involved in photoshoots, content review and branding initiatives to refresh our brand. I am so proud of the work our team produced and hope we have met the needs of our customers and learners. I look forward to seeing how these changes will continue to impact our industry in positive ways.

What motivated you to work at Cengage Group and in edtech?

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Cengage Group when I first applied for my role. I remembered the name on my Milady textbook from beauty school. I researched Cengage Group and saw the company was named by Glassdoor as one of the best places to work! Knowing through my entire professional career that Milady is a leading curriculum provider for the beauty and wellness industry, I was intrigued by the chance to empower educators to use technology in education. Years ago, I attended many conferences where Milady was present, making an impact and meeting the needs of our ever-changing industry. I used to sit in the audience and say, “I’ll be on that stage one day with them having fun and encouraging educators.” 

Here I am, full circle. And it’s only the beginning. I couldn’t have imagined how many genuine and passionate people I would be surrounded with each day. I’m looking forward to the doors that lie ahead of me and the new skills I will continue hone.

Based on your experience, what’s the strongest element of Cengage Group’s culture?

I think authenticity through transparency is the strongest element of our culture. It’s often said that a company’s strength is not shown when all is going well and everything is smooth sailing, but when surrounded by adversity. It takes intentionality and togetherness to reach a common goal. I saw this modeled beautifully through the pandemic when there was an incredible amount of uncertainty for many people in so many areas of life. The conversations our leadership hosted every Friday brought a sense of peace and clarity to a world that felt unfamiliar and uncertain. The transparency of where we are, the strategies behind what we’re doing now and what will lead us through the future makes it feel like we’re all paddling the waters together. I felt moved to tears many First Fridays knowing that our leadership cares so much about our success, stability and growth. Those type of transparent conversations lead you to meet the challenge in your everyday role, knowing the efforts you put forth are impacting the success of the business.

Can you share more about your role on our Parents & Caregivers Employee Resource Group?

I am a founding co-lead of the Parents & Caregiver ERG and I’m fortunate to head up the ERG along with three amazing co-leads, Sarah K., Amelia P. and Brock S. I help contribute to planning events, compiling resources and identifying opportunities to support parents and caregivers while they navigate their professional career journeys. I felt a direct pull to be a part of the building the foundation for this ERG. I was a young mom, and most of my adult life I’ve had a little human to raise. Most of my daughter’s life I’ve been navigating my career and pursing opportunities that, in one way or another, affected who I showed up as at home.

I have passed on opportunity growth at times to be closer to home, and alternatively there were seasons of my career I took projects or roles that didn’t allow me to be as present. Neither were wrong choices. These experiences shaped me and led me to this moment where I can help support the community of parents and caregivers who may be wondering what choices to make. Only you know what’s best for your own journey, but what makes it better is knowing you don’t have to do it alone.

At Cengage Group, the Parents & Caregivers ERG is a space to discuss ideas, hear similar stories, learn new best practices and hear peoples’ wins. It’s a beautiful space. My work with the ERG has broadened my perspective on what can be learned from hearing other peoples’ points of views and life experiences. Being a co-lead has given me the chance to connect with people outside of my team and I’ve met some amazing individuals. Cengage Group’s culture, leadership and ethos make it easy to be exactly who you are—a mother, a father, a parent, a caregiver—first before your identity of what you do.  

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