February 8, 2023

Jobs That Make a Difference: Senior Media Producer

Jobs That Make A Difference Senior Media Producer

At Cengage Group, our mission-driven culture creates jobs that make a difference in the lives of learners. Our employees have a direct impact on helping students around the world discover the power and joy of learning. From Software Engineers to Customer Success Specialists, the work we do gives learners the choice in how, where and what they learn.

We spoke with Takeyce W., Senior Media Producer and co-chair of our Mosaic ERG, who shares why she takes pride in the work she does and why she’s passionate about making a difference in education technology.

How does your role and the work you do help students and learners?

In my role as a Senior Media Producer in Cengage Group’s in-house Creative Studio, I work with a multi-department and multi-talented team that includes colleagues in content, creative, product, marketing and technology. Together, we create innovative, accurate, impactful and inclusive digital media assets, including audio and video. These assets enhance our products and engage learners. It’s an exciting role because I work in several subject areas. Each day can be different, which makes work stimulating, challenging and fulfilling.  

What’s something you’re proud of that has impacted learners?

During my 15-year tenure at Cengage, I’ve worked on numerous remarkable and interesting projects. One project I’m especially proud of is leading the cross-functional working group tasked with writing the Guidelines for Creating Inclusive Media Assets. These guidelines follow the life cycle of content development and provide guidance at each stage on how to ensure the content we create is inclusive and free of harmful stereotypes.

This guide is comprehensive, including many examples of inclusive media, an expanded skin tones palette for use in our character illustrations and more. This resource helps facilitate Cengage Group’s Quality Learning Standards of inclusion and diversity in our media products and has had a direct positive impact on our learners, ensuring that they can see themselves represented in our products.  


Inclusivity in Cengage Group Content

I work with product teams to produce live-action videos, animations and audio that represent the diverse population of our users. As part of our talented Media and Design team, I support multiple disciplines, including:

  • World Languages
  • Sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Chemistry

I have also produced video content for internal training, including a video on Microaggressions. 

What motivated you to work at Cengage Group and in edtech?

My career has spanned 23 years and several industries including television and healthcare advertising. I chose EdTech because the work seemed meaningful and, as a lifelong learner myself, it was important to be able to help other learners improve their lives through education. I chose Cengage Group because it came highly recommended by friends and family. 

Can you share more about your role in Mosaic?

I serve as a Co-Chair for Mosaic, Cengage Group’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) for our BIPOC employees and our allies. As an ERG leader, I’m honored to help drive our mission, which includes:

  • Empowering people of color employed at Cengage Group
  • Cultivating an engaged and supportive community
  • Providing networking, career growth and socializing opportunities to our members
  • Advocating for more diverse and inclusive recruitment and retention policies

The Mosaic ERG plays a crucial role in the culture of our organization by focusing on the pillars of Social, Culture, Recruitment and Professional Development for our BIPOC employees. We provide inclusive and educational programming not only for our BIPOC employees but employees of all backgrounds.

I was motivated to join Mosaic, first as a member, out of curiosity. I wanted to learn more about the different cultures and experiences of my BIPOC colleagues. I chose to lead out of a motivation to help build and grow Cengage Group’s culture of inclusion and diversity, to share what I learned and to support our members' growth and success at work. 

My work with Mosaic has positively impacted my role as a Senior Media Producer in so many ways. It has helped me find the confidence to become a leader, encouraged me to take on different and challenging tasks and made me examine our products with a critical eye to ensure that the diverse stories and backgrounds of the members and learners I represent are reflected in our products and digital media assets. 

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