April 24, 2023

Education Empowers: Annie Dollard

Annie Dollard, a resident of the UK, was drawn to a career in finance and accounting because she likes problem solving, working with numbers and analytical thinking. To get started, she enrolled in a university program studying finance and accounting where she was introduced to MindTap, a product of Cengage Group's higher education business, Cengage.

MindTap is an online learning platform that gives instructors the ability to craft personalized, engaging experiences that boost performance and deliver access to eTextbooks, study tools and more. There are huge benefits for students as well. MindTap gave Annie the freedom to learn and study whenever and wherever she wanted. Annie used MindTap to access course materials and complete practice tests throughout her courses to be sure she was on track for final exams.

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MindTap helped Annie identify both her strengths and her weaknesses when it came to knowledge of the content. She liked the bookmarking features and found it easy to flag the content areas where she’d like to spend more time. Because of the accessibility and flexibility of MindTap, she could make flashcards and use them on her phone instead of having to carry physical notecards around. Annie felt that MindTap empowered her to take charge of her of own learning.

“I think online learning resources, like MindTap, can be useful for learners of all ages,” said Annie. “The earlier you can use digital tools to enhance your education, the better. You’ll become more digitally competent and aware, and this confidence will carry over into your career.”




Annie found MindTap to be very intuitive and interactive, keeping her engaged in her learning. “Sometimes as a student, it can be difficult to connect what you’re learning in the classroom with what is happening in the real world in your job and the area you’d like to work,” said Annie. “MindTap has practical, real-life examples that allow you to apply what you’ve learned. You can think about the problem and how you’d approach it and then apply your technical knowledge.”



After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance, Annie started a graduate role at Deloitte. She’s currently a Corporate Tax Consultant helping clients with tax compliance. She feels her degree prepared her for the day-to-day work she does now. She appreciates that she’s able to put what she learned into practice and add it to the continuous learning she experiences in her professional role.

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