July 17, 2023

Education Empowers: Dr. India White

Dr. India White has been a TEDx speaker, math coach, Assistant Principal and two-time Teacher of the Year. Now, this teacher from the Tampa, Florida area is a Cengage Group author making a difference in the lives of students and teachers by providing equitable content and strategies to keep learners interested. She helps learners see themselves and the possibilities for their future in the content.

Dr. White knows what it’s like to struggle. She grew up in a single parent household with nine siblings while living in low-income housing. She experienced the childhood trauma of having an alcoholic parent and losing four family members in a month. In school, she liked math, but she didn’t see how she, a self-described at-risk kid, would succeed.

Then, she received a scholarship that included connecting her with a mentor. Over the years, her mentor, “Mama Sharon,” would motivate and inspire her, telling her she could do great things. Thanks to grit, hard work and equity in her classrooms, she was able to succeed. Dr. White became a first-generation college graduate majoring in math at the University of Florida. Dr. White shares her story with students to help inspire them. She wants to show them that no matter where you start in life, you can succeed.


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Boosting Graduation Rates with Equitable Practices

Dr. White reflects on her time as an assistant principal in Hillsborough County, Florida, where she faced challenges including low motivation and graduation rates among students. Recognizing the need for mentorship and support, she sought to implement equitable practices and strategies to help students see themselves in the content and feel included in their learning journey.

As a Cengage Group author, Dr. White has taken her experiences and applied these same equitable practices to create educational content that ensures no student is left behind. By developing systems of checkpoints and tracking progress, she has contributed to increasing graduation rates and helping first-generation students thrive. Through her work with Cengage Group, Dr. White continues to empower educators and students on their path towards college and career readiness.



Connecting Math to Futures and Unlocking Potential

Dr. India White emphasizes the importance of discussing career paths and their requirements in her educational content as a Cengage Group author. By providing this information, she helps spark curiosity and motivation in students, especially those who are underserved or at risk.

Through her work, Dr. White opens doors for students by presenting various career options and showing them how math plays a crucial role in their future success. By connecting learning to real-life applications, she encourages students to explore their potential and tap into their destinies. Dr. White's passion for offering students options and helping them envision their future contributions to society is evident in her impactful work as a Cengage Group author.


Inspiring Students to Find Their Path in Life

In this video, Dr. India White shares her experience as a Cengage Group author and how her passion for creating quality content was inspired by the story of a student she once taught. This African American male student, unsure of his future, eventually became an accountant in the same school district where Dr. White taught him. Her dedication to providing equitable strategies and advice for learners from all backgrounds has allowed her to make a lasting impact on the lives of her students. Through her work with Cengage Group, Dr. White continues to help teachers create an inclusive learning environment and foster a sense of belonging in the classroom.


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