May 19, 2023

Education Empowers: Betta Lyon Delsordo

Betta Lyon Delsordo’s journey into the tech world began in middle school when she started teaching herself to code online because her school didn’t offer coding. In high school, she started building a website for a group of female entrepreneurs in her hometown in Montana. Through that process, she wanted to learn more about keeping their websites secure, so she started studying everything she could find about cybersecurity.

While in college, Betta explored ethical hacking and penetration testing, through which she was able to use online resources to get the training that her college couldn’t provide. She’s now pursuing her master’s degree in cybersecurity and uses her Infosec Skills scholarship to help prepare herself for additional certification exams in her field.

Find out more about how Betta uses Infosec to learn the skills she’ll need in her cybersecurity career:



Betta also shares how the variety of learning materials provided by Infosec help keep the content engaging and cater to different learning styles:



Betta appreciates the freedom that studying online with Infosec gives her, as well as the flexibility that a career in cybersecurity will give her:



Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Tech

Betta is very passionate about using the skills and knowledge that she’s acquired to encourage more people from underrepresented groups to enter the tech world, specifically cybersecurity. She wants to continue to give back as others have given to her. For the last six years, she’s been a mentor in the Technovation Challenge, an international coding competition where girls work with others in their neighborhoods to build apps to solve community problems. She brings in aspects of cybersecurity, including helping teach the girls how to stay safe online and mentoring them through their coding journeys while they create apps to help solve problems they are passionate about.


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What’s Next in Cybersecurity

Betta is currently pursuing her master's degree in Cybersecurity at Georgia Tech and recommends Infosec Skills for anyone who’s studying for certification exams. For those trying to get into the industry, she advises them not to be intimidated. She says, “Start researching what kind of tech jobs are available in cybersecurity and talk to people in the field. You’ll find your niche and continue to deepen your skills and knowledge.”

After graduation, Betta hopes to go into penetration testing or some other form of offensive security, possibly research. She hopes later in her career to get into working with AI and machine learning to create more powerful hacking tools. She aspires to become an expert in cybersecurity, as well as continue to champion online privacy and security and encourage more people to join the mission.

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