February 20, 2023

Education Empowers: Destiny Woodhouse

Destiny Woodhouse, a 27-year-old from Kentucky, has a lot to be proud of! She recently became the first person in her family to complete graduate school. And that’s not all, she’s also a first-generation high school and college graduate. She credits her experience with one of Cengage Group’s products, MindTap, as a contributor to her success in higher education.


Destiny Woodhouse

When Destiny was 12 years old, she had a realization that if she wanted to do more with her life, she would need to focus on her education. After graduating high school, Destiny started on her Associate’s degree at a community college. She says the transition from high school to college wasn’t an easy one, especially while working three jobs to pay rent.

Since she hadn’t had much exposure to technology in high school, Destiny worried that it would be a roadblock for her in college. But she found that one of her first classes, a college readiness course with MindTap, helped. Along with soft skills like time management, note taking and study tips, the class also built up her confidence with technology inside and outside the classroom. Destiny says the online learning platform from Cengage Group is “user-friendly and not scary at all.”

We spoke to Destiny about what it was like to complete undergraduate and graduate studies as a working, single mother of two boys and what tools she used to achieve her goals.

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Destiny went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Secondary Education and receive her teaching certificate for high school English. She then completed a Master of Arts in Education for Higher Education.

While she’s no longer teaching high school, Destiny understands the power and joy of learning and she’s helping others better their lives through education. She now works for a university, helping to enroll international students. She helps connect learners to education so that they can achieve their education and career goals, too.


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