November 9, 2023

Education Empowers: Kandice Kucharczyk

Kandice Kucharczyk is a first-generation college graduate and lifelong learner who has always recognized the value of education. Witnessing the hard work and determination of her parents as they paved their own path and strived for a better life, Kandice was inspired to continuously raise the bar for herself. As she embarked on a career in technology, she faced skepticism from those who doubted her ability to thrive in a male-dominated industry. Rather than feeling discouraged, Kandice's determination only grew stronger, fueling her motivation to succeed and breakdown barriers. She was inspired to show other women that a fulfilling and successful career in tech is well within their reach.

Education has opened doors for Kandice, providing opportunities that she never thought were possible.  Now, she aspires to utilize her story as a powerful example to inspire and mentor other women who are considering a career in IT.



Empowering Lives Through IT

From a young age, Kandice had a desire to make a difference in the world by helping those around her. Inspired by the compassionate care she received from nurses and doctors during her own health struggles, she aspired to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in medicine. However, as her condition worsened, Kandice faced the reality that continuing her education in medicine was no longer feasible.

Undeterred, Kandice looked for a new way to make a meaningful impact. She was intrigued by the possibilities that IT offered and realized that this field would allow her to leverage her skills and passion to effect positive change. Drawing upon her medical knowledge and technical education, she now plays a crucial role in transforming the healthcare experience for patients and making a lasting impact.


Developing Employable Skills

While Kandice pursued a degree in IT, she found herself grasping the basics but struggled to see how she could apply her knowledge to real-life situations. Determined to bridge this gap, she made the decision to enroll in an Infosec Bootcamp to complement her studies. This experience allowed her to make vital connections and develop professional skills.


Career Advancement

As a young professional, new to the workforce, Kandice spent a lot of time second guessing herself, which caused her to be less efficient and effective in her role as an IT Field Technician. To overcome this obstacle, Kandice began taking Infosec Skills courses to deepen her understanding of technology and cybersecurity. The knowledge she amassed from that education helped her feel more confident in her work, which did not go unnoticed, catching the attention of her Chief Innovation Officer. Recognizing her potential, a new role was crafted just for her so that she could implement her skills and increase her potential.



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