September 27, 2023

Education Empowers: Madison Burkett

Madison Burkett, from Knoxville, TN, began her post-secondary education in criminal psychology in a traditional college before switching to a trade school to pursue an education in beauty and wellness. She attended the Tennessee School of Beauty, where she used Milady’s textbooks and content.



Passing State Board Exams with Milady

Milady’s course materials and practice content helped Madison study for and pass the State Board Exams. The Milady content is designed to be efficient and to-the-point, providing students with the information they need to succeed. Madison emphasizes the importance of having a strong knowledge base and being able to refer back to textbook information in critical moments, such as during the State Board Exams or in a salon situation. With Milady content, students can feel confident in their abilities and pass their exams with ease.


Building Confidence for the Real World with Milady

Madison shares how Milady content prepared her for the real world of beauty. As a traditional college student, she was used to textbooks and case studies, but was nervous about the hands-on aspect of beauty school. With Milady content, she found a stable foundation and was able to refer to her textbook for solid answers, even years into her career.

Madison's confidence in her education allowed her to start her own business right out of beauty school and feel comfortable in the salon environment. She understood color theory, product formulations and how they react to each other, which gave her a competitive edge as a young stylist in a fast-paced freelance world. Through her experience, Madison highlights the importance of having a strong educational foundation and how Milady content can provide students with the confidence they need to succeed in the real world.


Achieving Flexibility and Work-Life Balance in the Beauty Industry

Working in the beauty industry has allowed Madison to achieve greater flexibility and work-life balance. As a stylist, she has the freedom to create her own hours, which allows her to be there for her clients during unconventional times and never miss important moments with her family.

Madison emphasizes the unique value placed on self-care and fulfillment in the beauty industry, which has allowed her to support herself while building her brand. She has a career where she can grow and feel fulfilled. Through her experience, Madison highlights the benefits of pursuing a career in the beauty industry and how it can offer a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.


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