January 9, 2024

Education Empowers: Jessika Ward

From a young age, Jessika Ward had a clear passion for journalism. However, her journey in the field took an unexpected turn when she encountered a roadblock at the television station where she worked. It became apparent to Jessika that there was a lack of hair stylists specializing in black hair, leaving her with no choice but to learn how to professionally style her own hair. This eye-opening experience, combined with an opportunity to cover a story on black hair, ignited Jessika's interest in the world of cosmetology.


Journey from Journalism to Cosmetology

Jessika, a lifelong learner, constantly seeks opportunities to expand her skills and knowledge. Her newfound interest in cosmetology sparked a desire to return to school and explore something different. Transitioning from journalism to working in a salon has been a significant change for Jessika. However, she appreciates the enhanced flexibility with this occupation, as it allows her to set her own hours and create a schedule that aligns better with her life.


Embracing Digital Learning

For many adult learners, the prospect of returning to school and spending hours in a classroom can feel overwhelming. However, Jessika discovered a solution to this challenge when she discovered Milady's digital resources. Utilizing these resources allowed her to personalize her learning experience and apply the knowledge she gained in unique ways. One of Jessika's favorite ways to learn new hair styling techniques was watching videos of professional stylists demonstrating their work from start to finish. She found that these videos provided her with a virtual “hands-on” experience, even while learning remotely.


Building Skills and Confidence

Jessika enjoyed her experience at a vocational school. One aspect she particularly appreciated was the direct connection between what she learned in the classroom and its real-world applications. Unlike traditional academic settings, the vocational education she received provided her with hands-on experiences and practical knowledge that directly translated into her future career as a stylist. Jessika not only acquired the technical skills necessary for success but also soft skills, such as effective communication and customer service. This education instilled in her a sense of confidence and preparedness for her future as a successful stylist.



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